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Malachi Center offers programs and services that promote dignity, teach and strengthen skills, and provide hope.

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With your support, Malachi Center can provide crucial programs and services to individuals and families in need.

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We are a community center on the Near West Side of Cleveland who strives to empower individuals to overcome the challenges they face through educational support, social programs, and direct service.

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Malachi Center has employed the talents, energy and contributions of an amazing group of volunteers for over 35 years. There are so many ways to give back through Malachi Center and every one of them makes a difference

We regularly promote and create volunteer opportunities and service projects. Some projects require a particular time commitment while others are ongoing throughout the year.


Types of Volunteers

Volunteers at MC are categorized into various different types of volunteer groups. These classifications include:

Long Term Volunteer

Makes a one (1) year commitment to work a specified position weekly or monthly

DIAD (Done-In-A-Day) Volunteer

Participate briefly for a single time or special event 

Specialty Volunteers

Provide professional, special need services, training, education, etc.

Team Giving

Corporate or group volunteering is welcomed to tackle projects like cleaning, organizing, sorting, making family bags or toiletry bags, etc.


Mandatory School or Court-Referred Volunteers (MC involves court-referred volunteers on a case-by-case basis depending on the conviction, their skills and availability.)

Screening Policy

In the interest of Malachi Center clients who are part of a vulnerable population, MC requires volunteers to submit to a screening process. At any point while volunteering, MC staff reserves the right to ask any volunteer exhibiting any inappropriate behavior to discontinue volunteering and leave the premises. MC staff also reserves the right to ask any volunteer to re-submit to a background check if they deem it appropriate. 

It is the policy of Malachi Center that each applicant for a volunteer position will complete a brief screening procedure. At a minimum, the following procedures are required for new volunteer applicants. Program staff must ensure that each applicant completes these established minimum procedures.

  • Written application completed and kept on file;
  • BCI Fingerprint Background Check (as applicable);
  • Volunteer Orientation and MC tour completed;
  • Training completed.

MC acknowledges the right of volunteers to request a copy of their background check once it is complete. Personal information will not be shared with anyone beyond the volunteer giving the information and MC staff. Personal information collected by the MC will be filed in a secure location and/or on a password protected secure database and will not be shared with outside parties. Documentation of the screening process must be maintained for each applicant and placed in confidential files.


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For more information call Malachi Center at 216-771-3036 or reach us by sending a message using the form below.



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