Shower Program

The needs of those on the street are many. The Homeless Shower Program provides shower facilities, towels and toiletries, and basic clothing items five mornings per week. The program not only provides the homeless with the personal dignity and health benefits that come with a hot shower and clean clothing, but also offers hope and access to resources. As participants learn that Malachi Center is a safe place where they will be treated with respect and kindness, trust is able to develop. In turn, Center staff is then often able to link participants with needed medical, mental health, substance abuse, housing and other services.  A coordinated bi-monthly “Soup and God” program also provides a hot meal and the opportunity for homeless men to receive support as they examine the challenges in their lives linked to homelessness. Current program hours are Monday – Friday 7am-9am.

Major funding for the Malachi Center Shower Program is provided by the Community West Foundation